Foshan Nanhai Haoyuan Machinery Co.,LTD established in April, 2007, with 30 million registered capital. 
Haoyuan is a professional manufacturer of CNC vertical milling machine center and CNC double column milling machine. 
We have advanced mother machines Such as:Okuma Machining Center, So we can ensure to produce the excellent and reliable product. 
At the beginning of the enterprise, it was specialized in providing finishing and rough machining of large workpiece for many industries, such as the center casting of tunnel shield machine, stator disk of wind power generation group, ceramic brick press and so on. The machining precision was less than 10 μm. With more than 10 years operation experience, improvement of processing technology and years’ experience of processing, and after observing and studying the market



Foshan Nanhai Haoyuan Machinery Co about us
Haoyuan has a great research and development department team, led by engineers from a number of national heavy industrial enterprises to development products. With solid theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, it is able to find problems, solve problems and continuously improve processing technology, so as to continuously improve quality and efficiency. The R&D department has developed the CNC landing boring machine, vertical machining center, and CNC milling machine and so on. Meanwhile, Haoyuan is equipped with a professional installation and commissioning team to ensure the quality of the product. According to customer requirements to develop a rigorous and meticulous assembly SOP, our experienced test team complete the customer’s system.assemble and functional testing to meet customers’ deep-seated requirements for product components. 

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